If you are looking for a church home where God is doing exciting things to change lives, then we invite you to join us!  You will notice as you look at this website that Flat Branch is about people and loving relationships.  We start with a relationship with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We believe He is our Master, Guide and Friend.  We then share His love and care for one another and with new people of all ages in any life situation.  We have a place for you. No matter where you have been and no matter what shape you’re in, you are welcome here!  Join us every Sunday at 11:00 AM!

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We Love Our Military Men And Women At Fort Bragg, And Their Families!  We Invite You All To Join Us.  We Want To Be Your Church Home!


We are pleased to announce that the Flat Branch Family of Faith re-opened our beautiful Church on June 14.  It was a momentous day after such a long absence, and we re-entered our Spiritual Home with glad hearts.  The day was made even more special because we honored the Church's new high school and college graduates during the Service.  It was very meaningful that we were sending these young people out into New Worlds full of possibilities just as we were re-opening our Church and looking forward to our own new possibilities as a Family of Faith.
If you would like to join us, Sunday Service begins at 11:00 AM and you are most welcome!



                            Flags bearing the portraits of our graduates lined the path leading
                                to the church porch and greeted the graduates, the graduates'
                                       families and guests, and the entire Congregation
A proud piper, Mr. Robert White, piped the graduates and the entire Congregation into our beloved Church to celebrate our graduates, their guests,
and the much anticipated return to our Sanctuary.