Flat Branch Covenant Presbyterian Church
130 Darroch Rd
Bunnlevel, NC 28323

(910) 893-8578 




Printed Programs will be available at the main entrance.



The Newsletter is available the beginning of the month at the main entrance or you may read it online by going to the Newsletter Page on this website.

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When you are using PayPal, aways select "SENDING TO A FRIEND" as the recipient.  This will save any fees being charged to the church; although, depending on your bank's policies, you might still see a nominal fee imposed by your bank.  To avoid any charge, add your checking account to your PayPal and use it when making your tithes and offerings.  After clicking the SEND button, remember the church's email address is flatbranchcpc@gmail.com.

 Genesis 11:16 (NIV)
When Eber had lived 34 years, he became the father of Peleg.
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Flat Branch PNC
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Sunday School For All 10:00 AM
Sunday Service 11:00 AM

Worship Services

10/02/2022     11:00 AM

Adult & Youth Sunday School

10/02/2022     10:00 AM

Worship Services

10/09/2022     11:00 AM

Adult & Youth Sunday School

10/09/2022     10:00 AM

Worship Services

10/16/2022     11:00 AM