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07/10/2022Rev. Dr. Bond What Makes Artemis So Great? ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 19: 21-41
We explore the draw of Artemis, and the idol that was made for him in Ephesus.  How easy is it for us to worship the systems and people that fund each of us and yet, is that what makes something truly great?
06/26/2022Rev. Dr. Bond What Does it Mean to Receive the Spirit? ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 19: 1-7
Paul keeps his promise and makes his way back to Ephesus.  There he discovers their theology, like Apollos’, was incomplete.  He fixes that problem, and they speak in tongues.  Is that what we are all supposed to do?
06/19/2022Rev. Dr. Bond From the Minors to the Majors ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 18: 18-28
Apollos has all the tools to be a great Christian leader–except for a few things, like understanding the centrality of Christ.  How can we help someone who has all the talent but not enough knowledge?  
06/12/2022Rev. Dr. Bond God's Promises in Tough Times ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 18: 9-17
Paul receives a promise of divine protection.  But then, another leader is beaten right in front of the authorities and no one seemed to care.  How can we trust the promise when there is also the the pain?
05/29/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Speaking so Others Can Hear (1) ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 17: 16-34
In Athens, Paul was at the center of culture, where “...all the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there spent their time doing nothing but talking about and listening to the latest ideas.”  Paul was game, though, and gave it his very best.  What can we learn from his approach?
05/29/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Speaking so Others Can Hear (2) ()
Sunday Worship Services

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 Judges 21:22 (NIV)
When their fathers or brothers complain to us, we will say to them, 'Do us a kindness by helping them, because we did not get wives for them during the war, and you are innocent, since you did not give your daughters to them.'"
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