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05/22/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Be Like the Bereans ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 17: 1-15
Paul travels from one place to another.  And as he does so, one group becomes surly and rejects what he is saying.  Another is more thoughtful.  The Bible says they were people of “noble character.”  What does that look like for us?
04/11/2021Apple McArtan Blessings ()
04/17/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Breakfast at Galilee ()
Sunday Worship Services John 21: 1-19
I so love the story of Peter.  And I think his awkward position with Jesus after he rose from the grave is not so strange to you and me at times.  Let’s see what we can learn.
05/15/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Deliverance from Jail ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 16: 25-40
Once again, prison doors are opened.  This is the third time our “Houdini’s” have made an escape.  But we find that it is not just the imprisoned, but also the jailor who needs to be freed.  That is still true today.
01/23/2022Rev. Dr. Bond Do We Dare Dream ()
Sunday Worship Services
This is the only holiday that is founded by a pastor.  You could say he gave his life for a God-sized, scripture shaped dream.  Fifty odd years later, what would the Lord have us do with this dream?
06/19/2022Rev. Dr. Bond From the Minors to the Majors ()
Sunday Worship Services Acts 18: 18-28
Apollos has all the tools to be a great Christian leader–except for a few things, like understanding the centrality of Christ.  How can we help someone who has all the talent but not enough knowledge?  

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 1 Samuel 14:43 (NIV)
Then Saul said to Jonathan, "Tell me what you have done." So Jonathan told him, "I merely tasted a little honey with the end of my staff. And now must I die?"
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